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Dutch exports continue to increase, despite the weakened economy. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), goods exports again showed a clear increase in February. On an annual basis, exports even increased slightly more than in the previous month. Measured in quantity of goods, 5.8 percent more was exported than in February last year. In January the increase was still 4.8 percent compared to a year earlier. In February it was the sixth month in a row that exports showed an increase. In particular, more petroleum products, machines and equipment, and means of transport were exported.


Statistics Netherlands also reports data on imports. It increased by 3.7 percent in February. The statistics office also looks at the conditions for export every month. This analysis shows that since February the picture actually seems to have become more favorable for exporting companies. This is mainly because the industry of important trading partner Germany is now experiencing production growth again, where there was previously a production contraction. Exchange rates have also developed favourably.


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